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7th Jan 2021

How is Versantus SEO ready?

We’re not just a development agency. We care about the bigger picture, the longer term plan. Building solutions, web-based or otherwise, requires more than design, UX and development skills. It requires an underlying understanding of what you,as a client, need from us.

Whilst many of our customers engage us for our development capabilities, there are very few projects that don’t also have an inherent need for well considered UX, engaging design work, and increasingly, search engine optimisation.  We’ve always built solutions that give our customers the right tools to develop their own SEO strategies. But with SEO being such an integral part of the success for most projects, we’ve invested time and effort into broadening our SEO capabilities in order to give our customer’s projects the very best opportunities to excel.

This year we have built an internal SEO team to ensure that we are  implementing best practices, providing well informed SEO advice, and stay abreast of major developments within the SEO industry. SEO bleeds into all areas of a website, including UX, design and development, which is why we wanted our team to be fully equipped to provide expert-driven SEO support. Our internal SEO team all have backgrounds in front end development, back end development, and UX design respectively.

Learning is a core value at Versantus, and we take it seriously. We can’t honestly provide high quality solutions if we’re not staying on-top of industry developments. Our SEO team meet regularly to exchange ideas, and SEO focused “lunch and learns” enable our wider team to develop their SEO skills through dedicated learning-time.

To ensure these learnings are translated into the work we provide, we’ve made SEO part of our standard processes. When we build solutions, SEO is considered at the appropriate stages of throughoutat every stage of the build. We look at the bigger picture in relation to our clients’ goals, which influences factors like site structure, UX and content. Our client, TG Escapes, required a Wordpress to Drupal site migration, but we didn’t just migrate their site from one platform to another. We worked closely with them throughout the project, focusing heavily on the UX and SEO of the site. The fusion of all the working parts helped to inform the wider picture. The result was a migrated website that was scalable and optimised for search engines.

How does your site shape up?

SEO is one cog of a larger machine, but how do you know what you should be working on first? UX, design, development, CRO and SEO are all reliant on each other, so it can be difficult to know where to begin.

Why not take your site for a Versantus website gym health check? Our health check will provide you with expert-driven recommendations to whip your site into shape. We don’t just audit SEO, we review all areas of your site, including CRO and UX, to provide a solid list of improvements. Get rid of bloated content causing slow page speeds. Trim excess fat caused by unused code. Improve aesthetics with design recommendations to make hearts flutter.

Rather than spending time trying to figure out what your site needs for improved speed, better SEO or to stand out from the crowd, get in touch with our expert team to take the weight off your shoulders.

Equally, if you’re looking to migrate your site or build a solution from scratch, check out our services to see how we could help support your next digital move.

Give us a call on 01865 422212 or send us a message to see how we can help.

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