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Jo Bruce
Jo Bruce
11th Jan 2021

Team question challenge - Matt Gilbert

Matt Gilbert, Versantus' Software Development Manager, takes on the Team Question Challenge.

If he could play with Lego for a living, he would definitely do it. Throw in a chocolate brownie and a good box set and you have one happy Software Development Manager.

Meet Matt Gilbert, our Software Development Manager:

Q1: What is your favourite film or series?

I’m quite a box set junkie so hard to pin down just the one choice. I enjoyed Queen’s Gambit as the most recent series watched, and have binged on 24, Prison Break, and Dexter. But being a fan of Edgar Write I think I’d opt for rewatching Spaced as my go to series - especially good with the film reference subtitles on!

Q2: What is the best bit of your job?

A: The learning and supportive culture at Versantus. Lots of businesses talk about culture and it can often feel enforced or something you should try to align to. It doesn’t feel like that at all at Versantus, for me that comes from both leadership and a really great team of wonderful people.

Q3: If you could start again and had to do something else, what would it be?

A: I love the ethos at Lego and the seamless balance between work and play. Being part of the design and creative team, playing with Lego and getting paid for it - that would be, ahem, “awesome”. 

Q4: What is your favourite pudding? 

A: Anything chocolatey and gooey really. Mississippi mud pie, chocolate brownies, chocolate fudge cake. As long as I don’t see a calorie count. 

Q5: Has the coronavirus pandemic changed how you see the world?

A: It has. It’s certainly changed my perception of what really is important for my personal well being and for my family’s happiness. But beyond that it’s been a period of global reflection, bringing people’s economic challenges and environment to the forefront of agendas, which can only be good for us. I have numerous friends that face redundancy and financial struggles. I'm very lucky to be part of a sustainable company that has offered me stability in a time of great instability, and for that I’m particularly grateful. 

Q6: If you had to recommend a pub or restaurant in Oxfordshire, what would it be and why?

A: The Nut Tree in Murcott. A beautiful location, incredible food, and just 5 minutes down the road from me - if you can get a booking!

Q7: If it was in the name of pleasure – would it be car, bicycle, walk, run, swim?

A: Definitely run. But I’d swap that if the swim was somewhere sunny and exotic.

Q8: You can invite three guests from any time in history to join you on a Zoom call. Who would they be and why?

I’d slightly concerned about being the boring one on the call, but that aside, it would probably be a more light-hearted affair. I would go for:

Stephen Fry
Bill Murray
John Lennon

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