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15th Sep 2021

A trip out of the office

Recently, some of our team had the opportunity to leave the four walls of the office and go where they’ve never gone before…

They were lucky enough to visit one of our clients, Audley Villages, in their own backyard (or at least two of them): Cooper’s Hill and Chalfont Dene villages.

There’s nothing quite like getting a 4D, in-person view of what our clients do, so we jumped at the chance to be able to visit two of the award-winning, luxury Audley villages.

Set in the heart of 66 acres of Surrey-countryside, the team kicked the day off at the Cooper’s Hill village. They had high expectations of it after viewing the gorgeous galleries online, and we’re pleased to say it didn’t disappoint.

AudleyCoopersHillNov2019-Bistro (1).jpeg

During the jam-packed visit, our team were treated like potential customers and experienced a full tour from the village Sales Manager; they took in the stunning views (which, even on a cloudy day, were breathtaking), explored the grounds, and chatted with the Audley staff who manage the day-to-day runnings. Our team were even treated to lunch at Langton’s at Cooper’s Hill, tasting vegetarian and vegan risotto, as well as a delicious linguine.

Next on the agenda was Chalfont Dene in Buckinghamshire, where the team were given the grand tour by the village’s General Manager. Our Head of Design, UX & UI, Sam Cranwell, who visited the village, said:

At Chalfont Dene we got a real sense of community after a tour from their General Manager. Life at an Audley village is about more than just buying an apartment or house, and that was clearly conveyed in the passion from the staff. We gained valuable insight into what motivates potential customers to purchase an Audley property, and what makes many existing owners ardent brand advocates.

ChalfontHouse_140 (1).jpeg

The team toured the main facilities, restaurants, show apartments and the fully-equipped Audley Clubs (although they tactically didn’t bring their swimwear or workout gear, so no pool-diving or weight training this time round).

A big thank you to the Audley team for the invitation, and for showcasing the very best that your villages have to offer. We’ve had the pleasure of working with Audley Villages for 8 years, so it was a real privilege to get the opportunity to visit!

With a new website project on the horizon, the team’s trip sparked lots of ideas about how the website fits into the sales process, and what digital processes we can implement to run parallel with the excellent sales experience.

We look forward to more collaboration on the upcoming web project, and can’t wait to visit the villages again soon - hopefully with swimsuits and workout clothes on-hand, right Nik?

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