Self-service account management saves time and trees

Badminton Horse Trials

About the project

Badminton is world-class sporting event and every year thousands of fans descend on the event to get close to the action, soak up the sun, and shop, shop, shop!

For the five days of the event, hundreds of trade stands sell everything from dog-coats to tractors, and every year Badminton handle a forest full of trade stand applications. They wanted to reduce the environmental impact and at the same time improve the process for trade stand owners and the Badminton team. 

What we did

Having worked Badminton for a number of years, we understood their needs well, and with a rapid discovery project, we helped their team identify, rationalise and update their existing paperwork, and produced a detailed plan to move the application forms online. Their website uses Wordpress, and we used the excellent Gravity Forms plug-in with some special customisations that allowed store owners to easily apply for a trade stand for the 2018 event.

Applications were reviewed and approved by the Badminton team, and once approved, the trade stand owner could even manage their online store profile, giving them more exposure to the Badminton audience than ever before.   

The outcome

The new system works brilliantly, giving trade stand owners the chance to easily manage their own account. Feedback has been extremely positive, and although Badminton are clear that they will never be an "online-only" team, by giving trade stand owners the opportunity to self-serve, the Badminton team can now spend more time helping those owners that want to deal with paper, phone and fax! 

The store owners love it, it saves the Badminton team weeks of work, and the trees are happy too.

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