Bringing cloud innovation to an established technology

Swarco Traffic Systems

About the project

Swarco are a leading manufacturer of traffic display systems around the world. Their PGS system has been used for over 20 years by local authorities, transport organisations and private businesses around the UK to control road signs, school signs, traffic flows and car parking systems.

They asked for our help to create a brand new class of system for their new and emerging customers: could we bring their existing PGS platform to the cloud, offering a much-improved user interface for their customers, and exciting sales opportunities for them.  

What we did

One of the key concepts we wanted to introduce was a real-time graphical editor for sign management. No other system around the world offered an easy to use interface, and this was a critical factor in delivering a successful outcome for Swarco. We spent the first few weeks creating a working prototype, allowing us to showcase the technology we'd use and clarify their needs.

This prototype was impressive and successful, and gave Swarco and their sales teams confidence to push forwards on the other aspects of the system.
We integrated their existing Windows-based PGS database into a new web-based platform which offered easy user management, advanced roles and permissions, a cloud API, and a rich user interface that was designed with non-technical users in mind. 

The outcome

Swarco can now offer PGS to customers that don't want their own IT infrastructure, including short-term rentals of signs for festivals, conferences, and for temporary installations. For their existing customers, they can now replace complex installations with easily-delivered cloud solutions, reducing their costs and accelerating implementation times significantly.

They're delighted with Zephyr, and with our help they're continuing to innovate and reach brand new customers.

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