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Bringing University

Case study: Bringing University coursework submission into the 21st century

Using open source frameworks to bring improved services to students and reduced workload for administrators

Working with stakeholders we designed and built a replacement for an ageing Access database student coursework submission system. We used the Drupal application framework to quickly develop a prototype of the new system for key stakeholders. Then over the course of several iterations we progressively added more features and improvements to the functionality and design.

The new system improves the workflow for students, administrators and faculty by offering an intuitive user interface, a clear and intelligent workflow and tightly controlled roles so that users only see what they should.


Case study: design, build and high-performance hosting for an internationally renowned sporting event

Blindingly fast web hosting supporting a worldwide audience.

The world famous Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials has been running for over 60 years and they were recently looking for a partner that could deliver exceptional design and development backed with expertise in high-performance website hosting to cope with the enormous website visitor numbers that they have each year.

We worked closely with their digital team in the run up to the event to deliver delightful new website features for their visitors and trade partners, and we designed and built a robust and highly scalable hosting platform to cope with the millions of users that visit the site each year. We spent the week on-site at Badminton during the event, supporting their in-house team and keeping things galloping along nicely.

Feabhas Logo

Case study: a major upgrade for a respected training company

A new look-and-feel, improved content management and a better user experience for all
Feabhas provide high quality technical training courses to individuals and businesses working with embedded and real-time systems software. Established for over 21 years, and employing experienced trainers with real-world business experience, they are well respected in their industry. 

As a long-term partner, they naturally chose us to update and modernise their website and online course booking system. With their envirable reputation and a largely technical audience, it was important that their website was technically sound but also fantastic to look at and easy to manage. The natural choice was the Drupal 8 content management system.

We upgraded their website with brand new and fully responsive designs, a better user experience for users and editors, and an improved course booking process. Finally, to ensure no loss of search engine traffic, we moved all of their existing pages from their existing Drupal 6 site into Drupal 8.

"The new site looks fabulous and has definitely been the smoothest launch ever!" - Feabhas