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Nik Roberts
Nik Roberts
18th Jun 2021

Employee wellbeing at Versantus: how we look after our team

One of our core values at Versantus is Being Good. This doesn't just cover how we do business and our commitment to a greener future, it also applies to the wellbeing of our team. Throughout the pandemic we’ve done our best to create a safe, supportive environment in the physical office and in our company culture. Employee wellbeing isn’t a gimmick for us, it’s a commitment that matters, and one we keep trying to meet.

Understanding your team

Whether we were shielding, home schooling or trying to set up an office in our kitchen, we’ve all endured our fair share of stressful situations this year. For many, these stresses caused us to be less productive, worry more and feel guilty for not performing at our ‘best’. As mentioned in our employee wellbeing B4 talk: “employees want to work hard”. With this in mind, being a tight-knit business means we have to keep our pulse on how the team is feeling, and regularly review how we can better support them to feel good and do good at work.

As the causes of stress are sometimes hard for individuals to vocalise, we’ve tried to pre-empt our team’s worries. We’ve actively committed to providing:

  • all the necessary equipment to facilitate practical and comfortable home offices, including the very best technology and standing desks

  • flexible working arrangements e.g remote or office-based working, or a mixture (with necessary safety precautions in place)

  • £50 towards any service or app that improves general wellbeing, such as Headspace or Strava

  • handwritten postcards to staff members with congratulations, thank-yous and appreciation (thanking individuals for specific achievements is a lot more valuable than a generic message)

We’ve also given our team the opportunity to provide honest company-related feedback. We use OfficeVibe to send out a weekly anonymous questionnaire for everyone to fill out. The team can use this platform to tell us how their week went and if there are any stresses they’d like handled. Whether it’s something specifically related to a process, person or project, we ask for the truth so we can make working at Versantus as enjoyable as possible. This doesn’t replace our regular one-to-ones, but it does give the team a chance to anonymously let us know how they’re feeling. By being open to constructive criticism and allowing our team to speak their mind, we’ve given each individual the responsibility to make the company better.

Company culture of support and trust

We're trying to build a leadership team that has the time and desire to help everyone be their best. Having a senior team that's supportive and empathetic is vital to building a successful company culture, which is why it’s so important to hire the right people. When we invest in the right people, they invest back into the company, helping us to grow and achieve more successes.

Finally, it’s important to provide a framework of trust where your team knows you’ll support them, even if they’re not performing their best during a difficult time. When guided by the right values, businesses using this approach have the opportunity to grow quicker - and even have some fun whilst doing so!



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