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If your ecommerce store is the beating heart of your company, then you need a professional, flexible solution that grows with your business. No two businesses have the same USPs, target audience and goals, which is why we never take a prescriptive approach to our ecommerce projects. Building an ecommerce solution should be more than just a design and development project. Understanding our client’s business goals and customers translates into intuitive, dynamic solutions centred around longevity.

  • Ecommerce solutions that convert

    A successful ecommerce solution combines quality user experience, accessible features and a valuable product offering to create a memorable brand experience. Conversions are the name of the game, but so is providing value to your customers. We take time to understand who that customer is, and why they want your product or service. This trickles down to inform every decision throughout the project, from user experience to integrations. Our goal is to build an ecommerce solution that converts and delights your customers.

  • Technology and integrations

    Technology like artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR) and virtual assistants all have a part to play in ecommerce. They make your customer’s journey easier, more accessible, and can even streamline your own internal processes. We’ve previously implemented integrations such as Salesforce and ActiveCampaign for many of our clients, giving them the tools to create a central hub for their CRM, marketing and sales data. Whether you use integrations for your business’ benefit or for your customer’s experience, implementing relevant technology is worth it.

  • Ecommerce platforms

    Our main ecommerce platforms are Drupal and WordPress, which use an open source framework. This means developers can build upon the source code to create custom solutions. If you’re looking for longevity, it’s easy to scale your business using Drupal or WordPress. Plugins and modules mean you don’t need to worry about outgrowing your website, as you can implement further functionality to your site at any time. Drupal and WordPress are powerful platforms that can boost your business’ growth with scalability and flexibility

  • Intelligent solutions

    As an experienced digital development agency, we understand that complex projects can become overwhelming all too easily without guidance. Our aim is to transform complex projects into simple, intelligent solutions that provide businesses with tangible value. The Versantus team is made up of industry experts who specialise in areas such as UX, design and development. This combined experience means we never choose the ‘quick-fix’, only the option that is best suited for your business and goals.

  • We’re guided by our values

    We’re committed to learning, ensuring projects are delivered to best practice standards. Our longstanding dedication to quality means we build solutions that delight our clients and achieve results. The collaborative element guides our project management style and how we work with our clients, making every meeting valuable. Most importantly, our value of being good guides us to always do the right thing by our clients. Building business-changing solutions is what we do best.

  • Supporting your digital growth

    Developing dynamic solutions is only one part of our service offering. For many clients, we host, design, build, manage and market their ecommerce stores and digital solutions. Our team has experience across a variety of disciplines, which is why we’ve become the ‘go-to’ agency for many of our clients. We provide support, audits, recommendations and implementation, regardless of your ecommerce store’s complexity. If there’s any part of your business’ online offering or presence that needs a refresh, we’re here to help.

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As new technologies emerge and integrate with ecommerce sites, our job has got more and more interesting! We’ve audited ecommerce solutions for UX and accessibility, worked on third-party integrations such as Salesforce and Active Campaign, and created subscription-based ecommerce services that convert niche customers.

Recently, we worked with MS Trust to build them a standalone ecommerce site using WooCommerce. The site offers products and resources, as well as supporting donations to the Trust. For this particular project, our team integrated Raiser’s Edge NXT, which is a cloud-based fundraising management system. The system helps nonprofits raise and manage donations, relationships and other business processes through a user-friendly interface. As part of the build, we set up user tracking and monitoring, so UX remained the focus for the ecommerce site. Being able to collect, track and analyse user data means MS Trust can always make informed decisions to improve user experience.

We have a diverse range of services at Versantus, so take a look at our portfolio to see more of what we do. We don’t just build one-time solutions, we support every element of your business’ digital presence.

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Whether you’re halfway through a complex project and need some guidance, or you’re considering starting afresh with a new ecommerce site, we’re here to help. Our team is always up for a challenge, so don’t be shy! Either give us a call or drop us a message with your project details, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Whatever you need digital support with, we have the expertise to carry your project from concept to completion.

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