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A web application is a computer program that runs in a web browser such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, and makes use of web technology to store, process, and display data to its users. In fact, this website - and the content management system behind it - is a simple example of a web application. Web applications differ from "traditional" applications in that they are typically designed to support tens, hundreds, or thousands of users at the same time, using the system from remote locations around the world.

By utilising web technology to build the application, your customers can also benefit from a consistent user interface and functionality across any devices that can make use of a web browser or an Internet connection, including mobile phones, tablets, desktop PCs, and any other Internet-connected device such as smart speakers and smart TVs. This means the potential audience for your web application can be huge.

  • Rapid development and deployment

    Because they're delivered online, web applications can also benefit from faster development, more effective real-world testing and refinement, and easier distribution. There's no need for your users to download a software update, if everything is always up-to-date via their browser. Web applications can even store some information on the user's device, so that they continue to work "offline" without an Internet connection, and quickly rejoin the online work environment when Internet access returns.

  • Leverage the full benefits of the web

    Early web applications felt just like websites and often felt alien to users, but with smart design and modern techniques, there are plenty of web applications that look and feel just like traditional desktop applications, but bring the online benefits of greater collaboration, scalability, remote working, security and unlimited data storage. Cloud-based web applications such as Google Docs, Hotmail, and BBC iPlayer are great examples of how traditional computer software can be significantly improved by using web application technology.

  • Is a web application right for you?

    Web applications can bring great opportunities for businesses, but they're not right for everyone: can your business deal with thousands of potential new customers? Can you support multiple languages and timezones? Can you deliver your products or services to those new customers, wherever they are? It's important to consider these questions and design a product "roadmap" that starts with a plan that matches your ambition and budget, but that can grow and expand as new opportunities arise.

  • We're an experienced web application development company

    Our team can help you to understand the potential opportunities and cost, inject new ideas into your project, deliver prototypes to help you refine your requirements and then build a go to market solution that your customers will love. The design, user-experience (UX), software development and project management experts at Versantus have many years of experience, and we love helping our clients to push the boundaries and deliver outstanding results.

In recent years, we've built hundreds of small and large web applications, including

  • A bespoke CRM and booking system supporting the UK's leading children's activity camps, delivering fast and secure bookings and an easy to use management system for this dynamic and fast-moving product
  • A parking data analysis platform that supplied dynamic insights to airports and rail management companies, allowing them to maximise use of their car parks and increase revenues
  • An academic text and language analysis platform that allows researchers, educators and students to better understand the complexity and learning level of written and spoken texts in a range of languages. We even won a British Council award for this!
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Our web application development process delivers success, every time

Trust and great communication are key to strong relationships, and go to the heart of our company values. Our process has integrity and clarity built in, and to help us deliver fantastic results that lead to long-term partnerships, our design and build process is built around collaboration and communication. Our web application development process typically includes the following steps;

  1. Definition of the problem you wish to solve. Through initial consultation, and if required research, we can help define the need and begin shaping solutions.
  2. Mapping and planning journeys and flows. Once we've defined the problem and the potential solution, we begin mapping the architecture and workflows that support your user journeys.
  3. Wireframes and prototypes. These both validate assumptions and bring your web application solution to life. Wireframes and prototypes can be used to affirm direction and can been thoroughly tested with real users if required.
  4. Building your web application. There are many different frameworks, models, and platforms, and whether we're delivering a SaaS, IaaS, or PaaS solution, you can feel safe that we'll choose the right tools and approach to build a robust and scalable solution.
  5. Testing and quality assurance. Under our agile approach, testing is an ongoing process, baked into regular short sprints, with planning, testing, demos, and feedback helping shape continuous improvements. 

At the start of your project, we'll allocate a dedicated project manager who will act as your liaison throughout the process. They're responsible for making sure that you never have to ask "what's next?", and for getting the very best out of everyone on the team.

To show our love for web applications, we make heavy use of them throughout our project process, including using online collaboration tools such as Google Drive and Slack, cloud-based project management software Jira, and online conferencing software Google Meet.

Celebrating your success

What happens after launch

After the celebrations have passed, we can continue to support you and your team in delivering a great service to your customers. Through high-performance web hosting, a talented in-house support team, proactive account management, we'll make sure that you always have our help when you need it.

Web applications are perfect for iterative, step-by-step development, and we can help you to deliver a long-term product strategy, with thoughtful and insightful ideas for improvement, expansion, and new opportunities.

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