Set the stage for success

Discovery sprints are a great tool to kickstart projects. They build solid foundations for the work ahead, defining the purpose and scope of your project, enabling us to give you the right level of advice on what kind of product would be best for your business and its users.  We'll work closely with you to clearly define project goals, requirements, and constraints. We'll also start exploring and prioritising features, based on their value and feasibility. Discovery sprints can also involve research, ideation, and prototyping.

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When to use a discovery?

Discovery sprints are incredibly valuable and can be initiated at various stages of a project. Running a discovery sprint before embarking on developing a new tool, service, or product ensures a solid foundation, paving the way for successful development. A discovery sprint can also help diagnose problems with an existing website or tool and explore potential solutions. It offers an opportunity to address gaps and improve performance. We'd typically structure a discovery sprint into the following steps.

Sprint planning

Objectives and requirements

Get everyone on the same page and kickstart the project by nailing down the objectives and desired outcomes. Gathering requirements often involves some research and engagement with stakeholders. The aim here being to understand user needs, business goals, and technical constraints. 


Collaboratively prioritise project features based on their value and feasibility. This approach directs efforts towards delivering the most impactful functionalities early on, aligning with business priorities

Prototyping and Validation

Bring the proposed solution to life through prototyping and mock-ups. This iterative process allows for early feedback from users and stakeholders, validating assumptions and refining the solution before development commences.

Plan the next sprints

Map out the project's iterations. At the stage we can now define scope, estimate effort, and create a well-structured timeline to guide the development process effectively.

Partner with us

Our team is ready to navigate the intricacies of innovation, ensuring you not only meet your goals but exceed them. Ready to turn possibilities into realities? Reach out to us today, and let's embark on a Discovery Sprint tailored to your unique vision.