Standing on the shoulders of giants

Every project requires a different tech approach and often that will mean a unique, carefully selected mix of technologies, platforms and tools. Whilst we're proud to be open-minded about technology, we often recommend proven, open-source solutions. We love open source tech as it helps keep licence costs low, has large communities of super intelligent geeks to tap into, and offers the flexibility to take solutions in an infinite number of directions. 

We have a soft spot for Drupal (an open source powerhouse of a CMS), and our Acquia partnership allows us to us build some pretty cool and complex applications on a platform that delivers reliabililty and top-notch performance


Abstract image by pawel czerwinski (unsplash)

Your unique needs

We use tech that is proven to perform and help build seamless end-to-end applications. We are always ensuring that we’re using the best technology available in order to be able to support our clients in the best possible way.

Every project requires a different approach and often that will mean a unique, carefully selected mix of technologies. Tech that we use is generally open source which helps keep licence costs low, is supported by large communities and extensible. We use tried and tested technology that compliments this approach and enables flexibility, scalability, security and the creation of industry-leading solutions. 

Our design and development teams work with the best, bulletproof tech for both front-end and back-end development of any site, meaning it not only looks amazing but also performs amazing. 

One of our core values is continuous learning in order to keep creating innovative and robust solutions. This learning extends to the technology we use and means we regularly test and review our tech stack to ensure that we’re getting the most out of it, and using what is the best available on the market at any given time. 


Abstract Photo by Visax on Unsplash