Testing ideas, reducing risks

Looking to validate your idea before diving into development? Prototyping is the perfect approach. By creating a prototype, we can bring your idea to life and test its feasibility, functionality, and whether your users will give it the thumbs up or thumbs down. Prototyping allows us to gather valuable feedback, make informed decisions, and refine a concept before investing significant time and resources into full-scale development. 

By testing and examining ideas throughout your project we can guard against unnecessary risks and expensive mistakes, and give you the opportunity to see your product come to life in a cost-effective manner. So before taking the plunge, consider starting with a prototype to ensure your idea is on the right track.

Prototypes drawings in watercolour and liner

Iterative improvements

Iterative prototyping - where ideas come to life with a touch of magic and a dash of chaos, showcasing the weird, the wonderful, and the "wait, that wasn't supposed to happen" moments. More accurately, iterative prototyping is a user-centred approach in which a prototype is developed, tested, and refined through a cyclical process of iterations. This allows for continuous learning and adaptation with each iteration building upon the previous one, incorporating user feedback and addressing any identified issues or shortcomings. 

Person drawing mockups

Start with questions

We'll question you about your needs, goals, and target audience, then start defining the project's scope and objectives.

Design and wireframing

Transforming requirements into visual representations. Our UX designers create wireframes and designs that tackle some of the difficult usability challenges.

Prototype development

A developer will then turn those designs into usable, interactive prototypes. These may resemble the full final product (or part of it) and will enable realistic user experiences.

User testing and feedback

Real users engage with the prototype, provide feedback, uncover usability issues, and identify areas for improvement. We prioritise enhancements based on that feedback.

Iterative refinement

We make iterative refinements to improve functionality and user experience. We can iterate prototype refinements until your requirements are met and you have the product to go and conquer the market.

Partner with us

From concept to reality, our team of skilled in-house professionals are dedicated to crafting prototypes that not only showcase innovation but set the stage for seamless design and development. 

Ready to turn your concepts into captivating prototypes?