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As the world leaders in semiconductor IP, Arm designs the technology that lies at the heart of 70% of the population’s advanced digital products.

From wireless, networking and consumer entertainment solutions to imaging, automotive and super computers, their chips and products are transforming the connected world and powering 90% of the world’s mobile devices.

When Arm came to Versantus, they needed to ramp up their ecommerce to help developers find the right products easily to accelerate digital transformation even faster – and they needed it done quickly.

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Complex ecommerce in a tight timeframe

“The ecommerce store we inherited from our acquisition was slow with only a trickle of business going through. We needed a much higher magnitude of volume,” explained Guilherme Marshall, Director of Marketing and Development at Arm.

Whilst Arm had internal web development capabilities, they needed to bring an online sales channel to their developer market fast – something they couldn’t deliver internally within the tight timeframe.

The brief required software licencing integration, strong UX, stock control and bespoke international tax and delivery pricing. It was complex and needed all brains on-form and hands on-deck, but we were up for the challenge!

After assessing our capabilities against Arm’s requirements, we calculated what we could do for them:

Their internal team could deliver the website in two years - Versantus could deliver in five months!

A measurable improvement in internal efficiencies

From there, it was all go!

Arm needed to free up their sales resource, so we looked at the products that needed the least ‘selling’. We then developed an automated online platform that could handle all of the lower volume transactions – the ones that could sell themselves when presented well online, which allowed the sales team to spend more time on the high-ticket items.

“One of our goals was to offload to our skilled sales team and give them time to focus on larger accounts and relationships. In a rare case of synergy, we now have a system that benefits both our sales team and customers at the same time!”

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30x more online business

The return on investment has been staggering.

“We have seen 30x more ecommerce business come through the business as a result of this new site. We were late to the game with ecommerce but our platform now delivers an excellent user journey all the way to conversion from one single place. Our teams and partners are very happy with that!”

We designed, developed and continue to expand and support Arm’s first ever e-commerce store, providing software and hardware sales to Arm customers around the world. From this, developers worldwide are able to continue moving digital technology forward at speeds that continue to exceed everyone’s expectations.

It’s an exciting time and we are delighted to have played our part in helping Arm’s partners to accelerate the world’s digital transformation.

Why it worked so well…

Arm knew what problem they wanted to solve for developers but were open as to how that could best be achieved. We systematically reviewed each scenario and challenge that needed to be overcome and gave Arm our expert opinion on the solutions available.

“The whole process with Versantus was super straightforward. Everything went well. We defined governance but Versantus helped us refine our requirements using their experience, which we found helpful. They took charge of the design and now host the platform for us, which means all we have to do is fulfil orders and manage operations in the backend,” added Guilherme.

“Versantus are a responsive, professional team. They’ve given us a one-stop shop for developers – a central place where they can find the products they need to achieve their specific goals.”

If you want to increase your online business revenue, ask our team how.