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Increased exposure, tailored brand experience and innovative technology integrations to inspire your customers. Whether you’re trying to get your Android app project off the ground, or your current Android app requires a much-needed update, we can help. Our team’s experience spans across a variety of platforms and operating systems, so we can support your business with even the most complex of digital projects.

  • Why choose an Android app?

    Android’s range of compatible devices mean that apps on the Google Play store get a staggering amount of exposure. Android has the highest market share in the app world with a 71.9% global share, ranking above all other mobile operating systems combined. There’s also no app approval process for Android, meaning you can release your app as soon as it’s built and tested. With more devices to reach, and more features to use to your advantage, building an Android app could be your secret ingredient to success.

  • Android’s open source platform

    In contrast to iOS’ closed platform, Android uses an open source platform. This allows developers to freely use, and build upon, Android’s source code. The means innovations and improvements on current technologies can be made in order to create advanced app modifications. Creating a bespoke experience, whilst seamlessly merging innovative technologies is made easy with Android’s open source framework. Whether your app is designed for geo-location, gaming or ecommerce, there are vast customisations that can be made specific to your business’ industry.

  • Does your business need an appdate?

    With around 2.96 million apps available to download on the Google Play store, it may be tempting to choose Android over iOS. However, the most important question is whether Android is right for your business. It depends on larger factors such as geographical location, future growth plans and target audience. Your app idea might be better suited to the UK iOS market, or even a web app which is accessible through your user’s browser. Here at Versantus, we go one step further to discover which option would be best for your business. We ask questions, get to the bottom of your business’ ‘why’, and challenge pre-existing ideas, so you can trust that the solution you settle on will be the best for your business.

  • Our values guide our work

    Providing business-changing solutions is a responsibility we take seriously. We craft forward-thinking solutions, using the latest and most relevant technology, providing your business with an end product that’s ready for growth. To make sure you receive the highest quality service and solutions, our work is guided by our values. We spend time understanding your business goals and target audience, which are both central to the project. Providing a streamlined experience and tangible value to your users is at the heart of the solutions we create.

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Our Android App development process

Our core approach is based on industry-leading practices. Scalability, growth and users are central to the solutions we create. We’re more than just a development agency. We care about your audience, your business and your digital growth. Here's how we deliver that.

  1. Strategy & planning
    During this initial phase of the app creation process, we collaboratively strategise the wider purpose of the app, determining how it will provide value to users. We review the functionality and features that will be required to provide a unique, accessible experience, so that you’ll have a clear idea of what to expect from the finished solution. The goal of this phase is to understand what your business is hoping to gain from the app, and establish a roadmap to efficiently get there. Our aim is to provide the highest quality solution, catering for individual business needs, every time. With that promise, comes a responsibility to challenge ideas and iterate until the best option is found.
  2. Design, UX & UI
    Providing a fluid, user friendly experience is vital to the success of an app. During this project phase, we create wireframes, and subsequent prototypes, to design your app and piece together the optimal user journey. We tweak minor details, scrutinise clickable elements and validate interactions to create a seamless user experience (UX). Custom wireframes and prototypes also give our team clear visuals of the app’s design and expected user interface (UI). This process provides the opportunity to review the finer details so you don’t have to worry about unexpected delays further down the line.
  3. Development & testing
    Depending on your requirements we may use a waterfall, agile, or a combination of these (wagile), project management approach. Combining up-front communication (waterfall) with collaborative sprints of work (agile), the wagile approach reduces time spent in meetings and improves project efficiency. Our development phase works in sprints, so you’ll have regular opportunities to review the work completed and provide comments. This project management style ensures your budget is spent on high value work, rather than unnecessary communication and drawn-out internal processes.
  4. Quality assurance
    Once your app is fully developed, we don’t stop there. The app will go through a detailed Quality Assurance (QA) process, as well as multiple rounds of testing, including end to end and integration testing. We build fast, responsive and results-driven solutions, so you can trust our team of development experts to review, iterate and further review your app until it hits the mark.
  5. Supporting your App
    Once your Android app is launched, we don’t have to part ways. Whether you need digital technical support, a website refresh or you’ve decided the next goal is to create an iOS app, we offer a variety of services to improve your business’ digital growth. The proof is in the pudding, which is why many of the businesses we work with keep using our services, even after their initial project is complete. We pride ourselves on our transparent, collaborative and client-first approach, which manifests itself in all elements of our work as your go-to digital agency.

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Interested in starting your business’ Android app journey? Maybe you’d like to discuss which platform would be best suited for your business? Give us a call or drop us a message with your details, and our friendly team will get back to you as soon as possible. If you want to view alternative ways we can support your business, take a look at the full range of services we provide!

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