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Custom software development services for your unique challenges

You make use of computer systems and software every day. From your website, to your customer relationship database, to your intranet and accounting packages, your team depend on software to keep your business running. Bespoke software applications can accelerate your teams, connect more effectively with your customers and improve your bottom line.

  • Your business running at its best

    When software doesn't work well, it can slow you down, frustrate your team, lead to unhappy customers and ultimately negatively affect your bottom line. To avoid losing ground to your competitors, it's important that your use of technology is reviewed regularly and where necessary you update and modernise your software systems and processes. Every business is different, an often this may require bespoke software development. 

  • Should you buy or build?

    Although many organisations rely heavily on "off the peg" software such as Microsoft Office, GSuite, and Xero, there are a growing number that have seen the competitive advantage that bespoke software development can bring. Whether you have a new product idea, want to automate a costly manual process to free up resources, or you want to bring data and insights from multiple systems by integrating them together, a bespoke software solution may help you.

  • We'll build you a clear software roadmap

    We can help you to bring together often conflicting requirements from your customers and your internal stakeholders, plan a development roadmap that meets your ambitious goals, and deliver a long-term strategic solution that can grow with you. We can help you to balance the technical, user-experience design, and financial aspects of your project to deliver something that's right for you today, and plan for the exciting possibilities of tomorrow.

  • What types of software application can we create for you?

    Our team has decades of experience crafting software packages that run securely in the cloud, giving your users easy, fast, and secure access wherever they are. We combine that with deep expertise in system design, data architecture, user-focused interfaces, and scalability concerns to help you realise your goals. and can support you with long-term hosting and SLA-backed software support options.

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Examples of our custom software development projects

It's hard to get across the limitless opportunities that bespoke software development brings, and it's always worth getting in touch with to discuss your idea - however crazy it might seem to you. Recent examples of our team's bespoke development solutions include:

  • A bespoke CRM and booking system supporting the UK's leading children's activity camps, delivering fast and secure bookings and an easy to use management system for this dynamic and fast-moving product
  • A parking data analysis platform that supplied dynamic insights to airports and rail management companies, allowing them to maximise use of their car parks and increase revenues
  • An academic text and language analysis platform that allows researchers, educators and students to better understand the complexity and learning level of written and spoken texts in a range of languages. We even won a British Council award for this!
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How we ensure successful software development projects

We use a Scrum development process which keeps you in control of budgets and features, maintains a high-quality product, and supports changes in requirements throughout the project.

You’ll have a dedicated project manager who will keep you informed throughout, and direct access to our cloud-based project management software so that you can add and re-prioritise tasks. We know that a successful project relies on great teamwork, and our processes are built around collaboration, communication and setting clear goals and expectations. We use Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Slack, JIRA and email, as well as face-to-face meetings so that the entire project team - including you - always know what’s going on.

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