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Providing a bespoke brand experience, keeping your audience engaged and utilising integrations such as Siri Shortcuts, iOS apps can change your business’ digital growth for the better. Whether you need an app built from scratch or your pre-existing iOS app needs a refresh, we can help. Our approach is informed by industry-leading practices and core principles, whilst using emerging technologies to ensure your business is ready for growth. We’ve been supporting businesses across a diverse range of industries and niches since 2009, so you’re in safe hands.

Whichever stage your app journey is in, we’re here to support you. We’re more than just a development agency. We care about your audience, your business and your digital growth.

  • Benefits of an iOS app

    iOS apps are lucrative when correctly monetised. With an estimated app revenue of $72.3 billion in 2020, Apple’s App Store has the highest revenue of paid app downloads. Grabbing a piece of this market share can pave the way for increased leads and exposure. As well as monetisation opportunities, iOS apps boast high performance, security and Apple device compatibility. You’ll reap the rewards of increasing your reach across iphone, ipads, macs and emerging Apple technology, regardless of the model or version.

  • iOS app integrations

    App integrations make it easy to stay ahead of digital developments and enhance user experience. iOS app integrations include video ads, increased app security, augmented reality (AR) and Siri Shortcuts. Aside from the initial ‘wow’ factor, integrations can provide a safety net for scalability. If your app uses smart technology such as AI to interact with customers, it can easily be adapted to allow for future growth and accommodate further functionality. These intelligent integrations provide a pool of opportunity to delight your users.

  • Does your business need an appdate?

    With a whopping 1.96 million apps available to download on the App Store, you might feel like you’re missing out if you don’t go down the iOS route. But whether it’s right for your business will depend on your business goals, future growth plans and your audience. Your business may be better suited for the Android market, or even a web app. Here at Versantus, we go one step further to discover which option would be best for your business. We ask questions, get to the bottom of your business’ ‘why’, and challenge pre-existing ideas, so you can trust that the solution you settle on will be the best for your business.

  • Our values guide our work

    Our values guide our work at every stage so we can ensure you receive the highest quality service and solution. Our aim is to create forward-thinking solutions that harness digital technology, providing businesses with the tools to achieve and surpass their business goals. At the heart of all businesses is their customers, which is why we take time to understand our clients’ business propositions and the value provided to their customers. Providing a streamlined experience and tangible value to your users is at the heart of the solutions we create.

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Our Android App development process

Our core approach is based on industry-leading practices. Scalability, growth and users are central to the solutions we create. We’re more than just a development agency. We care about your audience, your business and your digital growth. Here's how we deliver that.

  1. Strategy & planning
    This first phase of app creation involves collaborative strategising and planning to determine the purpose of your new app. By gaining an in-depth understanding of your original idea, business goals and target audience, we’re then able to craft a roadmap for the project. Getting to grips with what you hope to gain from the app will inform the route we take, as well as determining which features and functionality will be beneficial. We aim to provide the highest quality solution to cater for individual business needs, every time. With that promise, comes a responsibility to challenge ideas and iterate until the best option is found.
  2. Design, UX & UI
    How do you seamlessly get your users from A to B? What will make their journey easier and more accessible? Perfecting user journey mapping and creating a fluid digital experience will keep your users coming back for more. Rather than guesswork, we create wireframes, and subsequent prototypes, to design your app before it moves to the development phase. This stage is key to inform user experience (UX) and the user interface (UI); it helps us tweak minor details, scrutinise clickable elements and validate interactions to ensure the journey is user friendly. Custom wireframes and prototypes also give our team a clear idea of the design and expected UI for the app. This process provides the opportunity to review the finer details so you don’t have to worry about unexpected delays further down the line.
  3. Development & testing
    Here at Versantus, our most-used project management style is wagile. It combines up-front communication (waterfall) with collaborative sprints of work (agile). It means your time isn’t wasted in countless planning meetings and our processes are streamlined for optimum efficiency. Our development phase works in sprints, so there are multiple touchpoints for you to review the work completed and provide comments or iterations. This approach to projects ensures your budget is spent on high value work, rather than unnecessary communication and drawn-out internal processes.
  4. Ensuring quality
    Once the app is developed, our work doesn’t stop there. The app will go through a detailed Quality Assurance (QA) process and multiple rounds of testing, including end to end and integration testing. The aim is to make sure your app is working exactly as it should, without any unwanted surprises. We build fast, responsive and results-driven solutions so, to maintain this high standard, our team of development experts review, iterate and further review your app until it hits the mark.
  5. Ongoing support for your iOS App
    Once your app is launched, we don’t have to go our separate ways. Whether you want to create an app for Android users, need a website refresh or require guidance on a separate digital project - we’re here to help. The proof is in the pudding, which is why many of the businesses we work with keep using our services, even after their initial project is complete. We pride ourselves on our transparent, collaborative and client-first approach, which manifests itself in all elements of our work as your go-to digital agency.

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