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Don’t just cater for your customers, leave them delighted and wanting more

We help you build great experiences for your users

All users of your software or website, whether a paying customer, an in-house content editor, or a brand influencer wants a comfortable, seamless, and successful experience. The user experience (UX) can make or break your digital project, and can leave end users feeling either frustrated and damning of your brand, or excited and ready to tell the world about you.

  • Putting your users at the centre

    Whilst you may have a clear idea of what shape your project or service should have, it’s important to recognise that your product or service is intended to be used by someone else, not you. We work with you to develop personas that accurately represent your typical and intended audience, allowing us to make more considered design and architecture decisions that are truly relevant to those using your website or software. By putting your users at the centre of your UX design, the journeys we create are more relevant, comfortable, and seamless.

  • Organising content for user journeys

    Every interaction between your customers and your website or software will involve your content. A customer’s journey may initially appear simple, but dig under the surface and you’ll often find numerous touchpoints and directions that have the potential to create disjointed experiences. By logically organising your Content Information Architecture around the journeys your customers want to take, and by combining that with your business goals, we help you to provide frictionless customer experiences with value added at exactly the right time.

  • Research, analyse, and iterate

    By researching and analysing your current user patterns, we can test and where necessary replace assumptions with validated facts. This helps uncover opportunities to improve your user experiences, removing much of the guesswork which can often be disconnected from your real user experiences. Our agile, sprint-based approach lends itself perfectly to test and learn cycles.

  • Usability Testing

    It’s important to plan and carefully consider your customers' experiences throughout the design of your website or software project. It’s equally important to ensure that the outcomes and build quality matches the intention. We follow our own mantra and place you, as our customer, at the centre. Our agile approach allows you to see design concepts, prototypes or propositions, and validate those at every step of the UX design lifecycle.

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Our UX design process

We have decades of experience in using and user-centred design techniques to help businesses achieve their goals and tackle difficult UX design challenges.

We pride ourselves in understanding the unique challenges involved in transforming your own digital landscape, and delivering customer centric solutions that match your specific project goals. Our UX design process typically includes:

  1. Exploring the problem and understanding. We collaborate with you to gain insight and understand your users, your brand, and the problems your want to solve. We'll explore the overall experience you want to deliver so that we can provide the best US design solution. 
  2. Research and fact finding. We'll look at existing behavioural data you may have, and where appropriate use research tools such as interviews, usability testing, and surveys to turn assumptions into known factors. 
  3. Personas and journey mapping. Another important UX design tool, it is often useful to build personas of your target users so that you can better explore and validate the solution against audiences. Layering this on to user journey maps means we can better understand how your users will interact with your brand.
  4. Design. This will include wireframing and often prototyping, along with design elements such as imagery, icons, colours, and layout. 
  5. Testing and launch. Once you're happy with the UX design elements, and after thorough testing, feedback, and and iterative changes, your development is ready to launch. 
  6. Analyze, adapt, and improve. How is your product or project delivering in the real world? Once launched you receive real data and insight into whether you've hit your user experience goals. Our UX Design team can help develop your solution beyond launch, so that you have a path of continuous improvement. 
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Our UX design services help you stand out from the crowd

With your competitor services and products becoming more accessible than ever before, and social influence and public ratings increasingly visible, it’s crucial that you stand out from the crowd for the right reasons. Our UX Designers can ensure that your users remember you for the right reasons, creating intelligent solutions that lead to great product usability, increased conversions, improved user retention and brand loyalty.

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