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Working with Versantus as your WordPress development agency

We’ve been creating digital solutions for businesses since 2009, so our team knows a thing or two about WordPress. Boasting a user-friendly interface, thousands of plugin choices and a dedicated WordPress security team, it’s easy to see why it’s the platform of choice for around 40% of websites. Our expert WordPress developers follow industry-leading practices to create robust solutions that are built for digital growth.

  • Why choose WordPress for your project

    Whether you’re looking to create a brochure, ecommerce or subscription site, WordPress has an option for you. It has flexibility built into its core, using an open source framework which developers can freely use and modify. Plugins, add-ons and extensions give you the opportunity to scale your site alongside your business, without restriction. Alongside a flexible core, WordPress’ dedicated security team and security plugins provide an extra layer of safety. Solutions like multilingual, multi-language sites, a hub for microsites and portfolio sites are all possible with WordPress development.

  • Built for usability

    If you’re not tech-savvy and the thought of managing a site fills you with fear, you can rest assured those worries will melt away once you get started with WordPress. It’s built to be user-friendly, with a simple navigation, back end processes and a whole host of resources if you get stuck at any stage. Once your site is built, you and your team will be making content changes with ease. WordPress is a powerful platform that puts you, the user, first.

  • Understanding your business

    We make sure the solutions we create have your business’ future growth plans and goals in mind, so you can easily scale the site as and when required. Being able to adapt your solution to your business’ needs is vital. Whatever the future holds for your industry, you’ll be ready. We take time to understand each and every business that we work with, so we can provide the best solution, regardless of the complexity.

  • Understanding your audience

    Regardless of your service offering, prioritising user experience (UX) is paramount. During the discovery phase of every project, we work with businesses to define and understand their target audience. These considerations all feed into UX and the design of the WordPress site. The more fluid and personalised the user experience, the more likely your website will deliver on key metrics and KPIs.

  • We’re guided by our values

    We provide quality solutions that produce tangible results for our clients. Our team is dedicated to learning and keeping up with the latest in WordPress news and technology developments. Collaboration is at the core of our business, both as a team and as a service provider. We always make time to listen, as getting to know our clients and their users is paramount to a successful project. Most importantly, our value of being good guides us to always do the right thing by our clients. Building business-changing solutions is what we do best.

  • Our project management style

    We use a blended approach to project management, fusing waterfall and agile methodologies. Communication and collaboration are important to us, which is why we work in sprints. During every project, there are multiple points where completed work is reviewed and discussed. We structure our projects so that each meeting and communication point is useful, removing the need for repetitive calls which unnecessarily drain your time. It also ensures our processes are streamlined for efficiency, so your budget goes towards valuable work rather than inefficient, bloated internal processes.

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Whether you need support with WordPress hosting, site development or management, we’ve got the expertise to help you with every step of your digital journey. All the solutions we build follow a strict quality assurance process, so no errors slip through the cracks. We maintain a high standard of service, development and expertise to ensure the WordPress sites we build are of the highest quality. Our in-house expertise ranges from development, UX and design to SEO, AI and systems integration. Whatever digital challenges your business is facing, we have the right people to support you.

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Thanks to our team’s collective expertise, complex projects are a chance to showcase what we’re made of! One of our clients, Badminton Horse Trials, came to us for support with digitising upcoming horse trial events. Their aim was to engage fans who couldn’t turn up to the live events, but wanted to stay updated on the results. To solve their problem, we built a bespoke system in WordPress that reviewed live scoring of the horse trials. These scores were turned into relevant stats which were displayed to fans when they visited the website. We also created an Alexa Skill, harnessing the power of AI, voice search and virtual assistants to relay key information to the fans.

The beauty of complex projects is that they look simple to the end user. Take our map work as an example. We’ve turned geographical data into intelligent systems for businesses such as Voyage Care, Red Kite Days and Street Wisdom. These custom-designed WordPress interfaces transform raw mapping data. The result is intuitive user-friendly systems which provide relevant event information. User experience and usability were paramount in the development of these systems, with the hard-work happening behind the scenes, without the user even realising.

If you’d like to see more of what we do, take a look at our portfolio. We’re proud of our work, and even prouder that the clients we work with come back to us whenever they need digital support. We don’t just build one-time solutions, we’re here to support every element of your businesses’ digital presence.

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We love a challenge - no project is too big or complex for our expert team! If you’d like guidance on where to take your WordPress project next, or your team is currently in the idea stage and require expert help, give us a call or drop us a message. Our experienced team has the expertise to support your project from concept to completion.

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