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21st Jan 2021

Get your website fit for summer

Is your website a couch potato? If your website is failing to attract the leads it should, it might be time to send it to our Website Gym for a health check. As a new year offer, we are offering our Website Health Check free to businesses. We’ll prod, poke and cajole it into a match-ready shape in no time.

When you neglect your website, it can become flabby, unappealing, and lazy. Unfashionable designs, bloated content, slow servers and security concerns can all turn people off. Your investment in online marketing could be wasted.

Our team will look at every aspect of your website and give you a 360° report with recommendations that will quickly make it fitter, more beautiful and more secure than ever before. It's good for your customers, good for Google and great for your business!

Included in our Workout Plan

  • Get fashionable - our design team will give you some fantastic, practical, on-trend and on-brand suggestions and we'll review the site's usability and mobile-readiness
  • Ditch the old chat-up lines - cut down on the boring copy with some helpful pointers from us.
  • Sprint to win - no matter how fast your site is, our experts can make it faster! Let us show you how to really impress your customers by being the fastest kid on the block
  • Work out your core - we’ll review your site’s settings and plugins, and make recommendations to help you make more of your investment
  • Stand up to bullies - we’ll check for back-doors, malware and other insecure areas and show you how to keep your site secure

After your health check, we'll provide a final report with a clear workout plan that you can use to plan and implement recommendations and improvements for your website.

Optional extras

We can also offer the following optional extras and we'll work with your teams to implement some of the recommended improvements

  • Design - we'll create wireframes and design ideas that will bring those leads flocking to you
  • Copywriting - everyone can write, but not everyone is a writer. Let us fettle your headings and girdle your words so that everyone knows what you really mean
  • Full security checks - we’ll undertake full security testing, add security certificates and help you to fix any problems we identify
  • PPC and Analytics review - we'll analyse the effectiveness of your existing advertising campaigns and suggest improvements to give you better results

If you'd like to get your website fit for summer, complete the form and start the workout today!

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