Shot from ground level looking up at two trees covering the sky with their branches and leaves
Nik Roberts
Nik Roberts
31st May 2021

Versantus' climate action: planting seeds for a greener future

As the climate crisis worsens by the day, we each have an individual responsibility to uphold the security of future generations by protecting our planet. It’s no longer ‘good enough’ to choose digital over physical material, switch the lights off when they’re not in use or recycle our plastic; we have to commit to actionable change wherever we can.

"Society grows great when old people plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit"

With this in mind, we’ve decided to take action at Versantus. As a company, we’ve signed up with Ecologi, a tree planting scheme, so anyone who has the means to do so can help sow seeds for future change.

Our commitment as an agency is to plant 12 trees per month for every employee; that works out at 270 trees per month, equating to 17 tonnes of carbon being soaked up each month! If that wasn’t enough, Ecologi promises to invest money they receive into projects that “remove more greenhouse gasses than your own carbon footprint puts in”.

Every month Ecologi will keep planting trees across the globe on our behalf, establishing an alternative path to help us move away from the climate disaster we’re heading towards.

What can I do to help?

Well if you’re reading this post, and you’ve got this far, you’re already helping. Caring about our planet’s future, being curious about what others are doing and reading up on how you can help are brilliant first steps.

Not everyone is in a position to give to causes like Ecologi, but if you are and you’ve been searching for an organisation to back, helping to re-forest our earth is a powerful gesture. Planting 100 trees only costs £12.40, but the reward in knowing you’ve done something for future generations is even greater.

Being Good to the planet

One of our key values is Being Good, which impacts the work we do with clients, our charitable support and our company culture. It’s more important than ever to add ‘what we do for the planet’ to that list.

If you’d like to take a gander at our forest (something we never thought we’d type), you can visit our Ecologi profile and even ‘gift more impact’ by adding your own trees to our growing wilderness. What’s more, if you use this link to sign up for either yourself or your company, Ecologi will add 30 more trees!

There’s always more we can collectively do, but as businesses we should take steps to enact change within our professional networks and circles of influence. Reducing our environmental impact and including planet-friendly habits into our lives leads us to one simple truth:

We’ll be on the right side of history.


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