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Nik Roberts
Nik Roberts
29th Nov 2020

Versantus joins the movement

2020 has been no ordinary year and the charity sector has been hit hard by the pandemic. From big appeals to small local organisations, charities face millions less coming in as demand for services rises.

For this reason, Versantus have decided to do our bit this year - we have joined the Oxfordshire Homeless Movement to help put an end to homelessness in Oxfordshire.

An end to homelessness for good

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit this year, something unprecedented happened: people across the country were immediately brought in from the streets to protect them and the public from the threat of the pandemic. An amazing thing – but what will happen once things return to ‘normal’ – a return to the streets once more?

In Oxfordshire, proactive collaborations between councils and local charities have meant that no-one has to face being returned to the streets so far. Oxfordshire Homeless Movement are dedicated to avoiding the tragedy of a return to the streets and want to build on this momentum and put an end to homelessness in Oxfordshire for good.

For this reason, Versantus have joined the movement and made a pledge to support the charity this Christmas and throughout 2021. We have donated our normal spend on Christmas cards and festivities and our staff are joining in by taking part in festive fundraising activities. Our staff have also signed the ‘Oxfordshire Rough Sleeping Charter’ which pledges our support to the vision to ensure that nobody has to sleep rough on the streets of Oxfordshire and help to find and deliver effective, lasting solutions to end rough sleeping in Oxfordshire.

“We are delighted to be able to do our bit and support the Oxfordshire Homeless Movement – we believe that no one should have to sleep rough at any time of year, especially at Christmas."

Nik Roberts, Managing Director, Versantus

At Versantus, 'being good' is one of our core values. With the challenges that 2020 has brought for everyone, especially charities, we wanted to do things a bit differently this year, and so our team have taken the money we'd normally spend on a Christmas party and donated it to the Oxfordshire Homeless Movement. We believe that no one should have to sleep rough at any time of year, and especially at Christmas.

If you would like to join with us to support the cause, you can donate via our Just Giving page or Sign the Charter.

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