Supercharging the platform for electric vehicle chargers

Swarco Econnect

About the project

Swarco Econnect manufacture, install, and manage innovative electric vehicle charging stations for customers around the UK, Europe and beyond.

They needed a new platform that allowed their customers to sign up for their own charging account and manage their monthly payment. At the same time, it needed to offer detailed reporting to Econnect's customers and partners, and provide real-time reporting tools showing usage, income and status of charging points on the Econnect network.

With an urgent launch deadline and a long wishlist of features, we were recommended to them as no-nonsense developers that could Get. Stuff. Done quickly and without compromise.


What we did

As a trial run of our skills, they asked us to design and build a real-time map showing charging points around the UK. With little more than a week before a major international trade show, we needed to work fast. We were up for the challenge, though, and senior members of our team quickly turned around a demo for them that allowed their sales and marketing teams to confidently showcase their technology.

After that, our entire team was enlisted to build a brand new customer portal, data management and reporting system. The new system seamlessly integrated Drupal and Wordpress platforms with GoCardless for direct debit payments, Google Maps for online visualisation of available charging points, and their third-party charging point administration system.

The outcome

The system's already in wide use by their customers, and we are continuing to evolve it. Our agile development approach is working perfectly, giving them control over features and budget, and allowing us to quickly improve the system based on live customer feedback.

Reporting dashboard
A report showing transaction data