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3rd Sep 2021

Andy the Intern: tales from the team

For the last few weeks, we’ve had a new face in the Versantus office; our new intern, Andy, has been diligently working with our team, learning new development skills, experiencing digital agency life and supporting the team with various tasks.

Why we chose Andy

Andy’s previous experience is full of variety, from developing a successful gaming app with his brother and friends, to his love for rebuilding and riding motorcycles. The running theme throughout it all is his love of problem-solving and putting things ‘back together’. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard our team say this, and it was even mentioned in a recent interview with our Senior Developer, Cristina, in our Women in Tech post.

In 2020, Andy decided to teach himself development, spending 25-30 hours a week on his learning over the course of 9 months. But as with any industry, getting real-world experience is the best way to learn, so Andy approached Versantus looking for a part-time internship. Andy’s drive and tenacity inspired us to take him on, and we’re happy to say he hasn’t disappointed.

What Andy’s been working on

Despite the team’s busy days, we’ve carved out time to make sure Andy has a valuable experience, gaining tangible skills along the way. We showed him the ropes, as well as allocated a buddy and set out a personal development plan.

At the start of the internship, Andy was tasked with researching, testing and setting up a Drupal personalisation module. Whilst we encouraged him to take ownership of the task, we made sure he had the right support in place should he need it. He’s worked closely with some of our brilliant team, including our Software Development Manager, Matt, and one of our developers, Tom, who took time out to support Andy with any questions he had.

Andy went from familiarising himself with Linux and tools like Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, to undertaking user testing, setting up local copies of client websites and expanding his coding capabilities. He’s also had the opportunity to support our internal and client-based helpdesk, giving him worthwhile experience of working in an agency environment.

But it wasn’t just the work we wanted Andy to experience. Company culture and fostering a healthy working environment is integral to who we are at Versantus. We’ve introduced Andy to the whole team, and got him in our daily company-wide rituals; which included our stand-ups, where the team share what they’re working on and discuss any obstacles so everyone can start their day on a productive note, and the team’s latest game obsession: ‘The Mind’.

Providing a balanced, well-rounded experience for Andy was important to us, as we wanted him to see the hard work that goes into making our clients happy. However it was equally important for us to highlight how we look after our team and enjoy the few precious moments of downtime they get.

Why we took on an intern

We’re a busy agency; we manage a portfolio of digital solutions, support organisations as and when they need, and are always in the middle of upcoming projects that require time and expertise. So why did we take on an intern?

We’re committed to ‘Being Good’; it’s a core value at Versantus, but it doesn't just benefit us, it benefits everyone we come into contact with. It helps us attract the right type of client and employee, and Andy’s case was no different. Andy commented that after reading our Ecologi post, he felt like our values aligned with his own, and it was only reinforced in his first interview with Nik, our Managing Director, and Matt “[they] explained that it’s about being good overall. It’s not only about providing a good service, but to be good and do the right thing in all circumstances”.

We invest our time in interns, students on work experience and fresh talent because we value what the next generation can bring to the table. We want to positively impact the rising stars in development, design and UX, so they’re well equipped to take what we teach them and build on it for bigger, better and bolder solutions.

Andy’s next chapter

We enjoyed having Andy in the office, so much so, we extended his internship! We’re excited for what the future holds for Andy, and we hope we’ve helped him gain tangible skills to help his next career move.

To see more from Andy, what he’s worked on and how he’s found working at Versantus, check out our first instalment of “Tales from our Team” on YouTube.

Interested in joining the Versantus team? We’re always on the lookout for digital rockstars, so check out our vacancies and send over your details. You could be working on our exciting projects and playing ‘The Mind’ with the team before you know it!

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