Marteting Automation
8th Feb 2021

Boost your business' digital growth with marketing automation

Repeatedly completing manual marketing tasks can be a drain on your team's time and expertise. Rather than using more resource to get these tasks completed, you can lean on marketing automation to handle the majority of the work. 

Invesp found that four out of five companies increased their leads after implementing marketing automation, and 77% saw increased conversions; marketing automation isn't just a buzzword, it can provide tangible value to support business growth. 

There are certain marketing automation features which, whilst they may not be as glamorous as certain features like personalisation, are fundamental to increasing efficiency of your marketing efforts. With processes streamlined and taken care of through automation, your team can focus on more lead-generating activities to boost growth.

Event tracking

Microevents, like a watched video or a clicked button on a blog post, are easy to ignore but vitally important. Using automated event tracking, you can uncover the data behind these events; this data can then help you build a bigger picture that reveals user intention through previous behaviours.

With automated event tracking, microevents can trigger proactive responses each and every time, so you don’t waste any sales opportunities. It can be overwhelming trying to keep up with these events, but automation helps teams to instantly jump on sales leads and promote repeat custom through personalised marketing material. 

Automation goals 

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Automation goals use goal tracking to keep your sales pipeline up to date and your users moving through the sales funnel. Once a user reaches a goal, you can automate a follow-up response specific to the goal using a workflow. For example, a user might purchase a product from your ecommerce store, after which an automated email is sent to thank them and highlight new releases from a similar product range.

Once a goal has been completed, the user will automatically move to the next available goal, so you can always keep track of where users sit within the sales funnel. 

Automation goals make manual follow-ups and data reporting easier, as all the information that both sales and marketing departments need is in a central hub. Equally, automated follow-ups can be set to ensure your users keep moving through your sales funnel.

Automation maps

When you have multiple automation processes set up, it can become difficult to connect them in order to see the bigger picture. Automation maps allow you to do just that, visually displaying a workflow of all your automation processes so you can review how they interact with one another. 

When an automation map has been set up, it’ll allow your sales and marketing team to identify if there are any gaps that could be doubled down on, or whether there are any additional automation opportunities. Equally, if too many triggers have been set up, you’ll be able to spot where processes could be streamlined.

Taking control of your overall automation strategy couldn’t be simpler with automation maps, as you simply add or take away steps as required. 

Workflow testing

"graphic of a workflow"

When you’ve set up your automated workflow, you might struggle to pinpoint what is and isn’t providing overall value to your marketing strategy. Without solid data, it can be hard to determine whether it’s the manual tasks which aren’t working or a singular step in the automated workflow; this is where automated workflow testing, specifically A/B testing, comes in.

Rather than dissecting each and every step manually, A/B workflow testing gives you the opportunity to make small incremental changes and review their effectiveness as part of a wider workflow. You can understand what works in general, or whether certain customers respond better to certain responses. This insight will enable you to further personalise your customer experience, whilst streamlining the process for maximum efficiency. 

Marketing automation that works for you

Marketing automation is all about making sure your marketing strategy works for you in the most effective way, so your team can spend less time on manual tasks and more time on work that requires a personal approach. 

Interested in learning about how marketing automation works in practise? Take a look at how we used automation to help IH World keep their users engaged and moving through their sales funnel. 

If you’d like to know more about how marketing automation could help your business, give our expert team a call on 01865 422112 or drop us a message

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