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22nd Mar 2022

Mobile app success: what to consider before embarking on your mobile app development project

Is it time to offer your audience a new experience? Mobile apps are a great way to engage new users, delight existing customers, and reach a whole new audience with an upgraded offering. But mobile app projects are no small feat; they need careful planning in order to be successful. If you’re looking to reap the benefits of creating an app for your business, you’ll need to consider the following with key stakeholders.

What’s the purpose of your mobile app?

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Getting your team together to brainstorm app ideas is a great first step on your mobile app journey, but there’s an even more pressing question to consider first. Mobile apps should always offer a unique brand experience that your audience can’t get anywhere else. If you currently have a website, what is your app going to provide that your audience doesn’t already have access to?

For example, will it be aimed towards a certain demographic who otherwise aren’t catered for on your website? Perhaps the addition of a certain in-app service, product or experience will help you engage this new audience segment.

Equally, your plans for scaling up the business may include introducing an additional revenue model. Whilst your website might act as a brochure site providing valuable content to users, your app could allow for a subscription model to be implemented, where your target audience pays for more content.

Understanding the core purpose behind your new mobile app will help focus ideas during user experience, design and functionality planning, saving you time in later project discussions.

What are the technical capabilities of your app?

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Understanding the functionality of your app ahead of time will save iterations, budget and unexpected surprises later on. Think about your app’s offering: what innovative tech could provide a better, more fluid experience that makes it easier for users to get the value they want from your app?

With a clear cut view of what functionality your app will need to incorporate, you’ll have a better idea of what will be required from your development team or agency. The more knowledge you go into your mobile app development project with, the more time you can spend fleshing out the details for a gold standard end product.

What revenue model will your app follow?

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You need to know how your new app will fit into your business’s wider revenue strategy. Not all apps are created commercially equal; the successful ones know how they’re going to bring in the bacon.

Knowing exactly how your app is going to create revenue from the outset will help inform user journeys, design and experience as you guide your audience to conversion points. Some apps create revenue by the nature of the product i.e ecommerce apps with a clear product offering; other apps make money from in-app ads, subscriptions, data monetisation, affiliate marketing and various additional routes.

Whichever model you choose, consider your users and how they’ll be impacted; are your target audience likely to put up with regular in-app ads, or will it frustrate them? Will affiliate marketing provide value to your audience and revenue to your business, or will users feel distrustful of your content if it’s sponsored or not impartial?

Walk through your target audience’s pain points and review each revenue model, highlighting the pros and cons users will experience from the practicalities for that particular approach.

Deciding between iOS or Android app development

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Once you know your app’s ‘why’ and you have a better idea of what functionality you’ll need developed, it’s time to choose an Operating System (OS). Both iOS and Android have pros and cons, depending on your target user-base, your app’s purpose, and your chosen revenue model/s.

Developing for both OSs can be costly, especially if this app is a new venture in your digital strategy and hasn’t been fully-tested in your market. Instead, make an informed decision on which platform to start with by understanding the nuances of both.

Need guidance choosing the right OS? We can help. We’ve got 10+ years of experience creating digital solutions, including iOS app development and Android app development. Check out our services to find out more!

App development takes time, but it’s worth it!

Your app should be easy to navigate, accessible and memorable; although planning and balancing these elements takes time, if your strategy is clear before development begins, your app will be worth its weight in gold for the additional commercial value.

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